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$2.9M North Fork 3-BR Overlooks Restored Tate Creek

Overlooking Tate Creek, this North Fork 3BR/2-bath just hit the market asking $2.9M. Built by Dave Thielsen Architects in 2009, the house takes advantage of the natural slope of the site, making a connection between the steep ground above and below. All of the living spaces are smartly aligned to face east and catch panoramic views of the Cascade Foothills and Mount Si. The current owners had a desire to restore the portion of Tate Creek that flows through the property, which meant the clearing out of invasive plants and restoration of stream banks. A short-term decision that will have lasting effects on the quality of the property.
· 7171 N Fork Rd SE, Snoqualmie [Estately]
· North Fork Residence [TA]