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Seattle Wants Tech Company to Call Yesler Terrace Home

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Google and Adobe have presences in Fremont. Amazon is attempting to remake South Lake Union, Denny Triangle and Downtown in their image. Facebook and Twitter have offices in there as well. Now Seattle wants to see a new tech company come to town and they've got just the spot for them...Yesler Terrace.

The Seattle Housing Authority and real estate firm Kidder Matthews are preparing to market Yesler Terrace – a 4.41 acre parcel of land near Harborview Medical Center – as a destination for a tech company, Geekwire reports. Early numbers suggest the land could be converted into 900K sq. ft. of office space and 100K sq. ft. of retail in two 300-foot towers.

The spot, running along Alder Avenue and Broadway, is currently home to 130 residential units in 13 buildings. The city has promised to help relocate residents with an 18-month notice. Proceeds from the sale would also go towards ongoing Yesler Terrace renewal development. Find out more about the project here.
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