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Where Are All of Seattle's New Single-Family Homes?

Image: NWMLS

Housing unit inventory has grown all across Seattle in the past decade, you'll find very few people to refute that. But what about single-family homes, specifically? We hear a whole lot about apartments and condos, but what of the traditional Tudor or classic Craftsman? Can they still be found around town? Yes, but, you have to know where to look.

The Seattle Times put together an interactive map to showcase where single-family homes have been built, and not built, since 2000. Noticeably, North Seattle neighborhoods like Green Lake, Wallingford, Ballard and Ravenna saw significant declines on single-family home development while watching condos overtake the skies.

Want to find recently-built SFHs? Look to Bitter Lake, Capitol Hill, Columbia City, Beacon Hill, Rainier Valley, Delridge and Gatewood. It should be noted that almost 5K single-family homes were built in Seattle between 2000 and 2012, but clearly demand (and bidding wars) dictate that we want more.
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