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Othello Station North Bringing Vibrancy to Latest Designs

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When we first met the massive Othello Station North project last year, the renderings were impressive if not a little drab. Consider that issues resolved as new renderings from Caron Architecture for the project's upcoming recommendation meeting with the design review board have added a serious splash of color to brighten things up. Updated designs call for the transit-oriented retail and residential project to include approximately 355 residential units, approximately 8K sq. ft. of commercial use, 6,800 sq. ft. of live/work units and 257 parking spaces. The area between the two buildings will form a retail court and gathering space. The court will also serve as a 'back door' entry, allowing easy access to a large bicycle parking & washing room. Plans call for a multi-phase approach with Phase I including most of the project except the eastern building & a parking ramp.
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