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Washington Loves The Seahawks & Bills(?), Hates the Raiders

As both the NFL and college football seasons are right around the corner, Estately decided to crunch some Facebook user numbers in order to come up with some maps that tell some stories about who we root for, who we root against and how much we all hate the Dallas Cowboys. Some of the data is fairly obvious, like the above map which shows that the Seattle Seahawks are Washington's favorite NFL team (duh), but some of them provide curious insights about other teams...

When Washingtonians aren't rooting for the Seahawks, they're most likely to be rooting for...the Buffalo Bills? Huh? How does that happen? Especially as we recently learned that New York-born Washington residents are fairly rare, that one's a puzzler.

Obviously. Sorry, Cougs.

Fair enough, given the history between the Seahawks and Raiders. It's also so very Washington State to be different from most everyone else.

Again, fair enough. It's the Cowboys. Why in the world would you be rooting for them in Renton, Bellingham or Olympia?

Good work, America.

But when your NFL team is named for a bird, doesn't that make this a wash?
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