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America's Most 'Walkable Yet Affordable' Neighborhood is Capitol Hill

Dave Munson, a D.C. resident who maintains his own urbanism blog, set out on a mission to find out where in the United States he could afford to live in a "good, walkable neighborhood" with reasonable rents. Through calculating affordability and walkability in neighborhoods throughout the country, he came up with results that might shock Seattlites who constantly complain about the lack of walkability and necessity to drive in our city.

What was Munson's discovery from all of these calculations...?

Capitol Hill in Seattle (not Washington D.C) is the most walkable yet affordable urban neighborhood in the entire country! However, with all of the new construction occurring throughout the area, Capitol Hill's affordability can't be guaranteed for much longer.

Interestingly, living in a walkable area strongly correlates with having a Bachelor's degree, being from out of state, and being between 25 and 34 years old (ex. Amazon employees moving to Seattle from out of state). On the other hand, a large youthful demographic (10 to 14 years old), being born in state, and being unemployed (and not in the labor force) correlates with living in less walkable areas.

Considering a move? Be sure to read Munson's complete article to discover other walkable and affordable neighborhoods throughout the U.S., such as Boston's South End, Columbia Heights in Washington D.C. and San Francisco's Mission District.
Written by Alyssa Campbell
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