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West Bellevue Modern With Personal Car Showroom Asks $4M

Do you own roughly sixteen cars, give or take? Boy, do we have the house for you. a West Bellevue house just hit the market for $4M that fancies itself a "car collector utopia" and, well, we're not gonna argue. Especially because we want to come over and hang out in the Snaidero Ferrari-designed kitchen. Between the showroom garage, car lift and workshop, it looks like your vehicles might live better than you. Compared to the workout room and the modern bathroom, the showroom looks downright cozy. And judging by the photos, you don't have any choice but to watch TV shows about other cars while not tending to your cars. What are the chances this house belongs to someone who doesn't own a car dealership and/or sit on the Microsoft Board? 0.03%?
Update: Thanks to some serious sleuthing by Seattle Bubble, we've discovered that the owner of this Hunts Point home is hotel magnate Rod Olsen. The 0.03% wins.
· #683841, West Bellevue [Windermere]