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Abracadabra! Steve Miller's Old Mercer Island Manse Asks $2M

Steve Miller (a.k.a. the guy whose name is in the Steve Miller Band name) says he "went from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A." But somewhere in there he also hunkered down in this 5-BR Mercer Island mansion that's currently on the market for $2M. He long ago decided to take the money and run but the 6,510 sq. ft. home has since been modernized, featuring a massive kitchen with butler pantry and huge windows overlooking a view so wide, you'd wish you could fly like an eagle or inside a big ol' jet airliner across it all. Requisite indoor pool and sauna, of course. And just when you think you've seen it all, abracadabra! The massive top-floor master suite steals the show. You'd be a real joker to turn this opportunity down, Maurice.
· 3809 W Mercer Wy, Mercer Island [Windermere]

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