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Weyerhaeuser HQ Relocating to Pioneer Square from Federal Way

[Photo:200 Occidental rendering by Mithun]

When you hear about companies moving their headquarters into Seattle these days, you just assume they're hunkering down in South Lake Union or Downtown. But timber company Weyerhaeuser is bucking that trend and relocating their HQ from nearby Federal Way to an upcoming 180K sq. ft. building at 200 Occidental in Pioneer Square. The building is expected to be completed in mid-2016.

President and CEO Doyle R. Simons said lower costs and closer proximity to Seattle's talent pool were the two big reasons for the move. While a company tech center will remain in Federal Way, roughly 800 employees "will be affected" by the move. The influx of new business and workers is just the kind of thing Pioneer Square needs to give it a boost economically.

Along with the new HQ, they'll be selling their former one, a 400 acre campus with over 750K sq. ft. of office, research and industrial space.
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