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Here's Every Reported Bike Crash in Seattle, Mapped

The folks at You Are Here continue to spend the year creating interactive maps for U.S. cities and they've looked back around on Seattle, this time to map out the 1,284 bicycle crashes that were reported between 2010 and 2012.

This map helps to show where crashes tend to happen — like Roosevelt Way NE, East Pine Avenue and 2nd Avenue — in the hope that those streets might be made safer for riders. All crashes were placed on the map as a point at the place where they occurred. Not all bike crashes are reported to the police, and this map only shows those that are reported. In order to show those streets where crashes were common, we used an average-link agglomerative clustering algorithm to cluster the crashes. The large clusters, in which many crashes on a single street length, are shown by a red line. Green lines on the map indicate roads with more public and commercial activity.

If you're feeling TL;DR, their work also provides a solid list of the places in Seattle you're most likely to be involved in a bike crash (or at least you were between '10 and '12).

1. Roosevelt Way NE (37 reported crashes)
2. E Pine Street (37)
3. 2nd Avenue (37)
4. Eastlake Avenue E (32)
5. 12th Avenue (30)
6. Dexter Avenue N (30)
7. Route 99 (29)
8. S Jackson Street (24)
9. NE 45th Street (24)
10. Fremont Avenue (23)

The upcoming two-way bike lane on 2nd Avenue and increased awareness of cyclists thanks to Pronto! Cycle Share should help to drive these numbers down in the coming years. Check out the whole map here.
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