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Flat Bottomed Washington Tiny Home Good on Land or Sea

Welcome to Tiny Homes, an idea that is more popular with minimalists than with neighborhood associations and zoning boards. We'll point out the fun parts. You'll have to check out the logistics and legalities.

Tinies are usually built so they can be moved. That's why so many are built on wheels. Maybe it's because moving targets are harder to hit. Okay, we know, it actually has to do with zoning. This builder took into consideration that you might also want to take advantage of Washington's robust floating home opportunities so they made one good on land as well as sea for $42K.

The wider a boat, the more stable it is. The longer a boat, the easier it is to move through the water. So, that creates a slightly larger tiny that is 28 x 12, which evidently rounds off to 350 square feet. More than enough for one bedroom and one bath (sorta).

For a boat to float, it can't weigh too much. That's another good reason for a very open floor plan. The fewer walls, the lighter the load. The longer the interior sightlines. The less likely you'll lose anything (unless it goes overboard).

Considering the reminder of our area's earthquakes, there's an incentive to not be tied to the land; though whatever dock you use might be an issue. That's what bumpers are for.

The builders have thought through another possibility. Move it up onto land. It already has a flat bottom for trailering. Flat bottoms are easier to work with than most beached boats that have big keels. The builder even claims you can add room up above, just in case you needed more space.

As is, a nice flat roof is also a nice flat deck, workout space, container garden (with very light pots and plants), and a good place for a waterfront view.

Only thing left is to find moorage, and someone who can tow it on an epic sea voyage across Puget Sound from where it's docked in Brinnon. It will fit through the Chittenden Locks and the Montlake Cut, so there's a lot of waterfront to pick from. Fresh water or salt water, take your pick. Once you get there, maybe you could even kayak to work.
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