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Want to Walk to Work? Move to U-District, Downtown or Bellevue

[Seattle Times]

It's probably no surprise to learn that a decent number of Seattleites like to do their commuting on two feet. The Seattle Times notes today that 36K Seattleites (roughly 10% of all workers) have a walking commute, though not all take advantage of that. According to their interactive map, the places where people walk to work most are the ones you'd expect: Downtown Seattle, Belltown, Capitol Hill, University District and Downtown Bellevue. Places where people can live close to universities or large companies like Microsoft make things a lot more walkable. So with imminent arrival of new urban campuses for Amazon, Weyerhaeuser and others, it'll be interesting to see if those numbers rise as expected. Who knows, perhaps one day soon walking 50 miles in a week around Seattle won't be all that newsworthy.
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