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Early Look at Vulcan's Big South Lake Union Building Blocks

Seattle recently allowed for 160-foot buildings to go up in South Lake Union and Vulcan is taking full advantage of that height. Though they were once hoping for 240-feet to work with, they'll take the 160 and run with it, releasing new renderings for Block 31 and Block 37 projects, which will go before the design review board on August 13. Located at 630 Westlake, bounded by Mercer & Valley St., Block 37 will include a 16-story building with roughly 230 residential units, 14,150 square feet of commercial/retail space and 350 below-grade parking stalls. Meanwhile, neighboring 16-story building Block 31 (625 Boren Ave.) will include around 375 residential units, 16,725 square feet of commercial/retail space and a 400-stall parking garage. All of the numbers are dependent on which building schemes they settle on. The third part of the project, Block 25, is now being considered for an office building instead of a third residential tower, but that will be presented to the review board separately.
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