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Attack Of The Townhomes: Contemplative Courtyard Edition

At any given moment there seem to be dozens of townhouses being designed, planned or built around Seattle. We took a look through the design review board archives to see what's currently in the pipeline and here's what we found:

Address: 1118 & 1120 23rd Ave S
What Is It?: Three-unit townhouse development. Two single-family residences that already exist on the site will remain as well.
Developer: New Core Development
Neighborhood: Atlantic
Amenities: Private patios, highly-developed native landscape and, if the renderings are any indication, a very contemplative courtyard.
Parking: One spot for each residence.

Address: 1228 5th Ave N
What Is It?: Ten new townhomes centered around a shared courtyard.
Developer: Views on North Queen Anne, LLC
Neighborhood: Queen Anne
Amenities: At least 4-Star Built Green construction, courtyard in middle.
Parking: 7 below-grade parking spaces and 3 parking spaces at grade, all accessed from the alley.