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Apartment Complex or Pocket Park? Central District Lot in Limbo

Image: Spectrum Development Solutions

Spectrum Development Solutions paid $2.2M for a third-of-an-acre lot on the southeast corner of East Alder Street and 11th Avenue a while back, with plans to build an 84-unit apartment complex as part of a larger, $67.5M project. Only one problem...the city of Seattle wants to condemn the entire lot and turn it into a "pocket park," a plan Spectrum says they were unaware of before they bought the land. Spectrum says that their total development will create almost 16 acres of parks and open space while city officials say they can create the park for just $400K and that the claim of 16 green acres is false. Spectrum is hoping to hear from Mayor Ed Murray soon as they continue to squabble with the city.
· A 'pocket park' or an 84-unit building? Seattle developer gears up for Parks Dept. fight [PSBJ]