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Milton Stricker Home in Duvall Still Looking for Right Price

The sellers of this Milton Stricker 3-BR in Duvall just can't seem to find the sweet spot when it comes to listing price. We noted the Frank Lloyd Wright disciple's work last July when the home was offered for $890K. This cathedral to 60's chic aesthetic (built in 1992) just wasn't doing it for buyers, so they dropped the price to $849K in October, $798K in December and $749K in March before taking it off the market. Now it's back and despite not looking any different, the price has been boosted to $825K. We'll have to wait and see if that's the right price for someone to peak through those clerestory windows.
· 31110 NE 165th St, Duvall [Estately]
· Duvall 2-BR From Frank Lloyd Wright-Disciple Milton Stricker Up For $890K [CS]