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New Passive House Under Construction in Madrona

Hammer and Hand are at it again, building an impressive Passive House. This one is designed by SHED Architecture & Design. The house has impressive views. The systems that supply much of its power are impressive. The foundation required to build on an environmentally critical piece of land are impressive. You see what we're getting at.

Madrona is getting the 3,764 square foot house that looks out on Lake Washington and the Cascades. They're thinking ahead. It isn't just 3,764 square feet, but is really 2,960 as a main house and 800 as an ADU (Auxiliary Dwelling Unit). Even the nomenclature is modern.

The style is modern as well, but that's not a surprise considering that the house is aiming to achieve the most demanding building standards. Houses never had to meet these standards for sustainability before. Solar panels providing 7kW will supply much of the house's demands. Layers of traditional and innovative insulation, like mineral wool and ZIP sheathing, keeps that energy inside. External shutters shut out the light on Seattle's too-sunny summer days. Yes, they happen. Ah, but it does rain here, and the houses catches rainwater on a living roof, reducing runoff and also watering the landscaping.

Building such a house on a flat lot would be impressive enough, but this house is being built on a slope (hence the view) on ground that was fill 90 years ago. A couple dozen pilings were sunk a couple of dozen feet into native soil to demonstrate how much the land was filled nearly a century ago, and how determined they are to give the house a sustainable foundation.

Unfortunately for you, the Madrona Passive House is a custom home being built for a client and won't be for sale. But you can visit the progress over on Field Notes blog.
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Written by Tom Trimbath