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This $1.5M Madrona Mansion is Seattle's Priciest Short Sale

Short sales happen, and sometimes they are expensive. Grand dreams available at discount prices.

A mansion built in 1909 is now up for a short sale 105 years later. Must be time for a rebirth in spirit only because it certainly doesn't look like it needs a remodel or renovation. $1,500,000 buys a brick classic from the early days of Seattle's history Women didn't even have the right to vote, yet. Even though it has four floors and 6,620 square feet, it only has 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths; more than enough, and a measure of how big the formal areas must be.

The description touts the house's balconies and decks, and room enough for dinner parties and socials. This really is classic elegance where the design elements can become a list of superlatives, yet don't intrude on the feeling of relaxed luxury. Most rooms look like the butlers and maids are discreetly out of sight around the corner waiting to chase down every mote of dust.

But here's what's surprising. If such a mansion seems like a bargain at $1,500,000, imagine what the buyer thought in 2007 when they got it for $55,000. Either that's a typo, a steal, or the reason it looks so sweet is because they spent over a million dollars renovating the historic style. They may have lost the house by striving so hard to save it.

It would be easy to assume the black and white photo as being from right after the house was built, but the ivy has already reached the roof, and the power and trolley lines evident then are gone now. What shape was it in in 2007? There's a story there for sure.

Regardless of its history, if you live there you'll get to enjoy a kitchen large enough for parties, fireplaces that were built for function, and enough rooms to get lost in. One lap through every room and every floor would take a fair amount of time. The stair workout alone will work those quads.

Another surprise is on the top floor, where rooms were built close enough to the roof that head-banging can go on if you walk too close to the walls. Of course, that also means that the noise from the party downstairs might not bother the kids making noise upstairs.

A house is a place to live in, entertain in, and enjoy; but this house is a story waiting for some writer to craft a drama around it, and some filmmaker to use it as a series of sets. Or maybe, just host some awesome parties.
· 101 Madrona Place E, Seattle, WA[Estately]
· 101 Madrona Place E, Seattle, WA [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath