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You'll Find Seattle's Best Public Schools in Queen Anne & Ballard

Redfin scoured the ratings at GreatSchools and compiled a list of neighborhoods across America where the most highly-ranked public schools can be found. Here in Seattle, they've determined that Queen Anne and Ballard are the far and away best places to send your kids, followed closely by the Factoria area of Bellevue. They specifically cite Coe Elementary School and Hay Elementary School in QA as well as Adams Elementary School and Ballard High School in Ballard. Redfin then dug in to the neighborhoods to find out what it takes to live in these educational havens. No surprise, they're neighborhoods with higher median home sale prices, have homes that sell over asking more often than usual and that sell faster than the average home. The lesson is, if you want to live in any of these neighborhoods, do your homework.
· Redfin Names the Top Neighborhoods for Highly-Ranked Schools [Redfin]