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Medina Mansion Featured on NBC's "Open House" This Sunday

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If we told you NBC was going to feature a Medina home, you might think it'd be Bill Gates's. Because it's Medina, however, there are plenty of homes worthy of the spotlight and the one at 609 Evergreen Point Road. is ready for it's big break. Asking $8.3M, the 4BR/6.5-bath that kinda looks like an Imperial Cruiser to us will be featured on NBC's "Open House" on Sunday, Sept. 14 at 2 pm. PT. Designed by Wendell Lovett, the 6,920 sq. ft. mansion is owned by software engineers Dave Cutler and Deb Girdler. PSBJ's Patti Payne recently took a tour of the home, remarking how much cozier it feels inside than one might think just from looking at it. Along with the usuals, it also features a library, wine cellar, outdoor kitchen, hot tub and sauna. We'll all get a chance to take a tour and see for ourselves (on TV) this weekend.
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