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Last Week's Biggest Sales: $5M Double Penthouse Edition

Listed for: $3.1M
Received: $3.6M
Size: 4-BR, 4 bath, 5,370 sq. ft. house
Location: 4594 W Cramer St, Magnolia
The Skinny: We featured this William J. Bain 4-BR when it first hit the market asking $3.35M last August. Somewhere along the way that price dropped to $3.1M, so how the heck did it end up selling for $3.6M? We suppose that since it's sitting on 1.7 gated acres with 120 feet of waterfront and bordering Discovery Park, the price is still right. Hopefully the buyers have kids who can appreciate that playhouse out back.

Listed for: $2.6M/$2.4M
Received: $2.7M/$2.6M
Size: 3-BR, 3.25-bath, 2,760 sq. ft. condo/2-BR, 2-bath, 2,592 sq. ft. condo
Location: 111 W Highland Dr., 9E & 111 W Highland Dr. 9W, Queen Anne
The Skinny: Remember this double-listing from July? Both 9th-floor units at 111 West Highland Dr. were put up for sale separately but also as a two-for-one package asking $5M. Unless two separate owners timed their purchases for the exact same day, it seems as though someone took them up on that attractive offer. That's over 5K sq. ft. of space, five bedrooms, your own personal elevator lobby, retro 70's bar, a wrap-around deck and unobstructed views of, well, everything.

Listed for: $1.625M
Received: $1.5M
Size: 3-BR, 3.25 bath, 3,990 sq. ft.
Location: 3222 Sierra Dr S, Mt. Baker
The Skinny: Originally listed in April, the price was reduced slightly in June to $1.56M, picking up a pending tag towards the end of July. That sale finally closed on Sept. 11. 1922-built, there's obvious been a ton of renovations since in the kitchen and master suite. Sweeping views of Lake Washington are the big sell and you've got lots of clean, open space to enjoy them from.

Waterfront Park

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