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One if by Land, One More if by Sea in Portage Bay for $1.1M

Living in a houseboat in Seattle often comes with certain costs and add-ons. So when a houseboat with no HOA dues or dock sharing hits the market, it's worth checking out. Said houseboat is actually a 2-BR, 2-bath floater with it's own "on land" rental right behind it. Oh and two parking spots. TWO parking Seattle. The houseboat features an open main floor with windows all along the front that flood the interior with light and views. With 50' of water, you've got plenty of room to dock your boat or kayak. The whole shebang will run you $1.1M, but given the location, additions and size, it's probably fair enough.
· 3236 Portage Bay Place E [Windermere]