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Bob Hope's Seattle Hangout Available For $3.7M

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Tucked away in the northwest corner of Seattle lies Blue Ridge, a neighborhood literally built by Boeing. Originally purchased by William Boeing for its timber, the land eventually became a neighborhood when folks like Boeing exec Donald "D.R." Drew and his wife Dee moved in. They eventually settled on a 3-BR at 1919 NW Blue Ridge Dr. designed by noted architect Vassos Demetriou of Demetriou & Associates, which features 180 degree views of Puget Sound, walls of windows and an impressive pool in the middle of it all. It seems like marble, onyx and limestone make up every surface wherever you go. The place was so luxurious, it was Bob Hope's home away from home whenever he visited Seattle. Apt as this house would seem right at home in the Hollywood Hills. The $3.7M price tag would probably be a bit higher, however.
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