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This Cockroach-Infested I-District Apartment Could Be Yours...

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Over the weekend, a listing for a 725 sq. ft. 1-BR apartment in I-District hit Craigslist asking $1050/mo. Located in the 1909-built Don Hee Apartments, Unit #10 boasts a gorgeous view, lots of open space and cockroaches. Lots and lots of cockroaches. Unhappy with the alleged response to the infestation, the current tenant took to Craigslist to voice their concerns before they became yours...

It started off with one or two, then we moved the fridge and saw the gross stuff underneath that you see in the attached image. We texted him and he came with a can of raid and *2* cockroach hotels. Great effort and "solution" there. Idiot. Next, after I had sprayed and killed at least 30 in the 2nd day of us living there, he comes and ads 1-2 more hotels. Yeah, those are certainly going to do it. Lastly, we started seeing them crawl up the walls in the living room, no longer in the kitchen, and you can see his text message conversation with me below when I asked for an exterminator. In the end, I killed a bare minimum of 50 cockroaches, but probably closer to 100. These things are in the walls and are in the entire building. There are pictures. Oh yes, there are pictures. As well as screenshots of the conversation between the tenant and landlord that may have led to an unlawful eviction. Truth be told, given the state of the apartment itself, he might be doing the tenant a favor.

Shame, they're not lying about the great outdoor views. It's just every, single other thing that's a problem.
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