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Washington's 'Camp David' Relists With Whopping $19M Pricetag

Scimitar Ridge Ranch is a 70-acre Fidalgo Island getaway that includes, amongst other things, a 21K-sq.-ft. 9-BR residence, chapel, multiple converted barns, horse stables, carriage house, office with two apartments and million-dollar sculpture. It's been called "Washington's 'Camp David'" and with good reason. Originally owned by the heiress to the Ralston Purina fortune, she put it up for sale in 1998. Since then it's had a rocky time finding a long-term owner. Listed and de-listed in recent years in the $8-9M range following a bankruptcy, it fetched $7.5M at auction earlier this month. The winning bidder, Western United Life Assurance Co., who also happens to be the resort's mortgage lender, is now trying to unload the house once again. This time with an ask of $19M, more than 200% higher than the previous sale price of $9M. Somebody get Paul Allen or Bill Gates on the horn, it's gonna take that kind of whale to make this sale happen.
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