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Hallelujah! North Everett Church For Sale Asking $625K

Got a congregation and no place to put them? Well, hallelujah! Or, maybe you just want lots of room with a kitchen and office built for serious work, not just flashy style. In any case, how you count up bathrooms that have multiple commodes but no showers or tubs? The North Everett Church is up for sale, and gets a description of 4 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, 7,360 square feet, and a price of $624,500 that has little to do with the real value of the property.

Most high-end homes come equipped with fancy kitchens, extra rooms for entertaining, and a theater. Churches come equipped with kitchens that feed hundreds, and rooms that seat dozens. Room for 171, and a sloped floor so everyone gets a good view. You know the acoustics have been tested regularly. Here, stained glass really tells a story.

A Sanctuary, that's unique. The most likely candidate buyer is another church. One moves out, another moves in. It was built in 1920, so the seller must have stories to tell about how to make the space work best. Experience is worth a lot.

If the buyer isn't another church, don't be surprised if a business decided to set up shop. The building already has offices, break rooms, two sets of bathrooms, conference rooms, and one big room that should accommodate everyone for all-company meetings.

The buyer may also be someone with a sense of style who sees a church and attendant 1,392 square foot annex/house as an opportunity to be creative, and who wants to refresh the building for its centennial in six years. The stories they'll get to tell ...
· 2402 Summit Ave, Everett [Redfin]
Written by Tom Trimbath.