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Food Company Sugar Mountain Moving HQ to Denny Triangle

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Sugar Mountain, a local Seattle food company, has announced plans for a new headquarters where all the new construction seems to be occurring these days - in South Lake Union. The site pinned for renovation is located at the Denny Triangle at 2121 Westlake Ave.

Sugar Mountain is an umbrella company of many Seattle favorites, including Beecher's Handmade Cheese, the Maximus/Minimus food truck, Fraunhofer Meat and Fish, and Liam's. Their mission is to "change the way people eat by showing them how delicious food is in its natural state without any unnecessary additives or processing."

Currently located near Pike Place Market, Sugar Mountain's move will transform what was formerly an auto-shop into a four-story, 27,200 square-foot space. Mallet Construction, whose work also includes Café Presse, Stumptown and Ray's Boathouse, is leading the process.

The new space will have a two-level barbecue and steakhouse restaurant with plans for a potential bakery. The interior design of the space will play-off of its automotive past with an industrial style. Eric Hentz, the owner of Mallet, calls the renovation plans an "adaptive reuse" of the building - which was built in 1925. Indeed, such an architectural style is unique in a neighborhood that has overwhelmingly applied the saying 'gone with the old and in with the new' to the construction process.

Be sure to keep your eyes on the look-out for the beginning of construction on this little gem the next time you are stuck in traffic in South Lake Union.
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