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Hugo House Staying Home as Part of Mixed-Use Renovation

[Joe Mabel]

Linda Breneman, Frances McCue and Andrea Lewis started Hugo House in 1996 as a "place for writers" in Capitol Hill. In 1997, they purchased the old New City Theater at 1634 11th Avenue, and turned the one-time mortuary into the official HQ for their nonprofit where it's been ever since.

With an aging 1903-built building in the middle of one of Seattle's most coveted real estate strips, it seemed only a matter of time before both the nonprofit and the property owners needed to look towards the future. That time has finally come.

Hugo House announced today that, starting in 2016, the property owners will begin redevelop the aging property in order to turn it into a modern, flexible space that can accommodate current and future growth. This new development will include 10-15K sq. ft. of ground-level commercial/retail space, as well as up to five stories of multi-family housing.

No word on whether or not any portion of the current building will be preserved. The city turned down the building's bid for landmark status in 2013, so it's not required. During construction, Hugo House plans to remain open at various locations in Seattle.
· Capitol Hill's Hugo House makes mixed-use plans to stay on 11th Ave [CHS]