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The Treat House/Gable House Mansion Available For $11.8M

[Joe Mabel]

In 1905, businessman Harry Whitney Treat had prominent architects Charles Bebb and Louis Mendel build a 64-room house at 1 W Highland Drive in Queen Anne for the then-insanely large sum of $101K (roughly $2.5M today). Meant to be his in-city retreat, he lived there with his family until his death in 1922. The house was then sold to developers who turned it into apartments. In 1975, it was modified into the 15-apartment Gable House complex that it remains today. The Seattle Landmark building, which once hosted a Wild West show by Buffalo Bill Cody, is now on the market for slightly more than its original price tag, $11.8M. The new owner has the option to maintain the 17,046 sq. ft. building as-is or begin a new chapter for a mansion that's almost as old as the city itself.
· 1 W Highland Dr [Estately]
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