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Touchstone's Tilt49 Wants to Be Seattle's New Growth Epicenter

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Touchstone Corp. has big plans for Seattle. Along with their Troy Landry Block and the Hill7 building, they recently unveiled renderings for Tilt49, a massive mega-project that has tasked itself with becoming the Denny Triangle hub by which Capitol Hill and South Lake Union merge. Dream big, Tilt49. Dream big. The mixed use development on the half block bordered by Stewart Street, Boren Avenue and Howell Street will include approximately 300K sq. ft. of office space in an 11-story tower, 390K sq. ft. of residential space in a 36-story tower and approximately 600 below-grade parking spaces. A rooftop terrace is planned for the area between the two towers. ZGF Architects and landscape architecture company Swift are working on designs for the project.
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