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Ballard to Redmond by Light Rail? Sound Transit Thinkin' Bout It

People have talked about the possibility and need for light rail running from Ballard to University District and beyond for a long time. In July, Seattle Subway advocated for Sound Transit to study a direct rail corridor connecting North Seattle to the Eastside and now, they're actually going to start figuring out if its possible.

Between now and December, Sound Transit will be studying the costs and ridership potential of a future rail expansion across Lake Washington. This corridor represents a direct route from the major population and employment centers of Ballard, Fremont, the UW, and Children's Hospital on the Westside to Kirkland, Microsoft/Redmond and Bellevue on the Eastside.

The Sand Point Crossing would connect Ballard, the University District, and Children's Hospital with Kirkland, Redmond, and the Microsoft campus, creating a connection that would make the lives of many Seattleites and Eastsiders easier. Sound Transit's board will take the learnings and decide in December which or not to include the Sand Point Crossing corridor in their Long Range Plan.
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Seattle Children's Hospital

4800 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105