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Speakeasy About Jimi Hendrix's Old Central District Hangout

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You wouldn't know it by looking at it, but the 1913 Craftsman at 303 26th Avenue may just have one hell of a story to tell. According to rumor, hearsay and a couple of old-timer neighbors who were around way back when, the home's basement was once known as the Pink Elephant, a speakeasy that hosted secret get-togethers featuring local musical talents. One of those unknown musicians? A young guy named Jimi Hendrix. Hard to tell these days, though it certainly looks like the basement is fully stocked and ready to start hosting shindigs once again. We suppose you could invite Macklemore over to try and recapture that old glory, but, it wouldn't be the same, man. It wouldn't be the same.
· 303 26th Avenue [SDH]