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Check Out This Top-to-Bottom Renovation in Washington Park

Project Name: Dorffel Renovation
Location: Washington Park
Professional: FINNE Architects, Schultz Miller (contractor), Swenson Say Faget (structural engineer)
Timeframe: August 2008 - December 2009
Description: "This top-to-bottom renovation of a 1930's Seattle home created an intriguing dialogue across time as the fresh, modern spirit of the renovation work acted to complement the more traditional home. A major, two-story addition was placed on the south side of the house, containing a stunning master bath and closet on the upper floor and a window-filled study on the ground floor. A dramatic, three-story stair hall was created in the center of the house, with a delicate new stair railing featuring laser-cut steel vertical supports. A sensuous, 8-ft. long custom fused glass light fixture was suspended over the new stairwell. The attic of the house was entirely reframed, allowing generous views and natural light to fill every room."

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