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Fully-Furnished Eastlake Floating Home Rental for $4K/Month

You're in Seattle from October to June, you've got a lot of money to burn and you're looking for a living situation that's ready to go and also a bit unique. urbnlivn noticed this 1,200 sq. ft. contemporary floating home that might be the perfect fit for you. Fully-furnished, the home comes with a study/office, two-story living room, wood-burning fireplace, dining room and full kitchen. Of course, they want $3,950/mo. for the place, which does include an indoor parking space but doesn't include utilities. Then again, if you can afford to drop $4K on a temporary rental, you're probably not too concerned with your water bill. Shame you have to go right before July 4, it'd be a helluva place to watch the fireworks from.
· Sweet Floating Home For Rent [urbnlivn]

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