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Sleepless In Seattle Houseboat Sold For 'More Than $2M'

Of all the houseboats on Lake Union, none is more recognizable and more desired than the one at the end of the dock off of Westlake Avenue North. It's known to most as the houseboat where Tom Hanks' character in Sleepless in Seattle lived. In real life, the 2,200 sq. ft. 4-BR has a new owner, one who just paid "more than $2 million" for it. According to PSBJ, The Healys had taken the home off the market in 2008 after listing it for $2.5M but "an executive in the high-tech industry" came in with an offer they couldn't refuse. In case you're wondering who's going to get Jonah's room, know that the interiors in the film were not the interiors of the actual houseboat. Movie magic, you guys.
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