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Best Puget Sound Area Schools? Try the Islands & Suburbs

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[Chris Schmich]

Every year, the Washington State Board of Education releases a school achievement index, which compiles test scores, graduation rates and other factors to identify the schools that are performing well and the ones that may be in trouble. PSBJ took the most recent numbers and sorted them by neighborhood to find out the best places to live in the Puget Sound region according to school performance. If you're considering where to live based on the value of the local schools, you might find this list valuable, not to mention illuminating considering the surprises included therein...

Here's the Top Ten, along with the top-performning school in that neighborhood.

10. Beacon Hill (Mercer Middle School)
9. Mercer Island (Mercer Island High School)
8. Vashon Island (Vashon Island High School)
7. Meridian, Kent (Martin Sortun Elementary)
6. Wilburton, Bellevue (International School)
5. Tukwilia (Aviation High School)
4. Arlington (Kent Prarie Elementary)
3. North Creek, Bothell (Cedar Wood Elementary)
2. Kirkland (Discovery School)
1. South Bainbridge Island (Captain Johnston Blakely Elementary)