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Five Properties Worth Buying Along Metro Bus Route 113

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Seattle has buses. Use them In which case you might as well find a place to live along a line. One line at a time. Here's the next one, selected at random for the fun of it.

Living south of White Center but working downtown? There's a bus for that. Route 113, starts with a loop in Shorewood, drives up through White Center, and ends in downtown about a half hour later, traffic permitting, of course.

↑ It is amazing how much more house you get with a half hour bus commute. How about 3,500 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths for $548,120? That's a very specific price. Add a dollar and some cents to it to make something really exact. The lot is large, too, 10,137 square feet; and is close to a greenbelt and the beach (relatively). There's a wrap-around porch for watching the world; and inside there are the traditional comforts with a few extras like a jetted tub and a wine cellar. Don't get too comfortable by trying to use them all at once.

Tired of Seattle minimalism? Try amazingly ornate. Someone wanted a custom castle, and spent five years creating a 4 bedroom, 4 bath, 3,080 square foot. If they had more time they probably would have decorated every wall, but at some point even they said enough. Before that though, they installed a heated marble floors, a gate, a turret, and flagstones and masonry that paved the property. With a bit more land they could've installed a drawbridge instead of just a gate. Buy it for $549,950 and no visitor will forget your house. If there's another like it in the state, tell us.

↑ Maybe this isn't a bus rider's house because it has a 3 car garage. It was built in 1954, back when a third car was a treat (because gas prices were so sweet.) Now, for $389,000, get 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 2,920 square feet of remodeled suburbia, with hardwood floors and granite counters. You also get a 10,010 square foot lot, which is great for gardeners. Maybe that third space in the garage is for the gardening equipment.

↑ If you have a 2,380 square foot house, with 4 bedrooms and 1.75 baths, and emphasize the resilient, no-slip floors and the easy-to-clean features, you might also be emphasizing the practicalities rather than the luxuries. But, for many, that's important. They're asking $340,000 for this house that was built in 1959. It was recently remodeled, at least on the inside. Outside, you still get the opportunity to change a few things. Pick your own style. Maybe go with roofing, siding, and paving that is resilient, no-slip, and easy to clean. How about textured metal all over?

↑ There's hardwood under that carpet. Dig. It might even be hardwood from an era when timbered trees were tighter grained than today. Buy this 1958 house for $250,000 and get its 3 bedrooms and 1 bath; and then see how much of the 1,480 square feet are excellent wood. You may find you bought a significant value in the flooring alone. If not, you can leave things as they are, and claim that they're all retro and stylish; which may be true.
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Written by Tom Trimbath