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Steve Ballmer Snags Top Floor at Bellevue's 400 Lincoln Square

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Last week, Kemper Freeman Jr. started bragging that Kemper Development had already signed leases on space in their upcoming 450-foot-tall tower at 400 Lincoln Square. When pressed for specifics, he declined. And you know what reporters do when you do that...they find out anyway. Via a source, PSBJ uncovered that the entire top office floor will be the new domain of Steve Ballmer. No specifics on what the former Microsoft CEO and current Los Angeles Clippers owner would be using the space for, but we suppose he just can't quit Bellevue. The tower is part of Kemper's 2M sq. ft. addition to Bellevue Collection that will grow the entire property to roughly 6M sq. ft. total.
· Space atop new Bellevue office tower will be Ballmer's perch [PSBJ]
· Office space in new Bellevue high-rise has been leased [PSBJ]
Image: Odi Kosmatos