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Heavily Pricechopped Seward Park House Now Wants $3.18M

Two years ago, we wrote about million-dollar listings that were known for their gardens. A meticulously-manicured 1.6 acre boxwood showpiece is impressive, but it wasn't impressive enough for the $3,488,000 price - which was already a drop from its high of $6,280,000. No sales at either price. It looks like it has been on and off the market since May 2008. Now, they've even added a stout dock to make it easier to moor your yacht, and dropped the price another $300,000 to $3,188,000, which means we're almost at the 50% off mark. How many more things will they add and how much lower can the price go? Of course, now, maybe it will finally sell because the right millionaire yachtie gardener is going to come by and buy.

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