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Here's Craigslist's Best Dog-Walking Ad for Rich Seattle Folks

Are you rich, live in Seattle and own a dog? Your dreams have been answered in the form of a Craigslist ad for a dog walker who caters directly to you. We know this because we read the ad so you don't have to and we're breaking it down below so that everyone can understand why you need to call the "dopest, most swagged-out LEGEND OF THE UNIVERSE dog-walking champion in Seattle" right now.

1. Right from the get-go, it establishes it's target audience:

Image: Hammerin Man

2. It makes it clear that the walker-in-question really gets along with dogs.

Image: Etsy Ketsy

3. It makes it clear the walker is willing to work with you to manage any fears or trepidations you might have.

Image: Mark Verner

4. Answers questions about breadth of service, including overnights.

Image: rsseattle

5. It also lays out clear ground rules about what you can expect.

Image: Eli Duke

You've probably already hired this person to walk your dog but just in case, check out the full ad here. Congrats on your new hire.
· I WILL WALK YOUR DOG [Craigslist]