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20 Months Later, This Admiral Duplex Keeps on Keeping on

Some houses are snapped up in days. Others take years. The sellers should be commended for their patience.

Here's a house that has survived over 100 years of earthquakes, weather, and renters and still has much of that 1911 style. That's back in fashion again, isn't it? This 2,840 square foot, 4 bedroom, 2 bath duplex has been on the market for 20 months, hence the price has dropped over $100,000, down to $627,500. The patience of the sellers is being tested, evidently. In the meantime, the rental market is rising. At least financially, it is starting to look more attractive.

These arches and coves aren't fake. Modern houses may add arched entries, coved ceilings, and wood-framed doorways, but they're only mimicking houses like this. Did craftsman just have more time back then, or were folks less likely to live in white-walled boxes? That also means more masking tape when you get around to painting. Get out the sander and the wood putty to mend splinters and gouges. And then, step back and forget the maintenance and appreciate the appeal.

You can also appreciate that kitchens weren't large and appliances we take for granted hadn't been invented yet, so if anything fits, it's a feat. You can, however, invite a painter to come in and capture Norman Rockwell reenactments.

The bathroom puts all the porcelain within arms reach. The toilet, sink, and bathtub fit into a space smaller than some showers in modern suites. As for a shower, the photo shows a tub, not a shower. At least the bath is surrounded by tile that fits the style of the house.

Elements like the interior glass-paneled doors are so counter to modern offices that when you're home, you'll know it. You may get flashbacks to your grandparents' house, but that's better than bland white walls creating a flashback to some maze of cubicles. Besides, it's a duplex. Maybe that extra rent money will mean you don't have to work as hard - except for maintaining a rental, that is.
· 2659 47th Ave SW [Redfin]
Written by Tom Trimbath