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This Green Lake Grand Dame May or May Not Be Haunted

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Haunted houses happen. But ghosts aren't real, are they? Green Lake has an old house on a hill (or at least with a bit of a perch for a nice view of the lake) that may creak and moan in the wind, but that's natural for a 98-year-old building. Downstairs is art deco, chandeliers, ornate wallpaper, period radiators, and character that can't be replicated; but there are signs of wear. Look up and things get a bit creepy: stained ceilings, fractured plaster, upstairs rooms with walls that look like a movie set for a film to be released in October. On a dark and stormy night you'd be forgiven for thinking there are ghosts in residence. But perhaps this house is just what it seems, a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, 2,500 square foot historic home that will appreciate a bit of care, and $850,000. Better leave a light on though.

· 5762 E Green Lake Wy N [Estately]