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John O'Brien Mid-Century Mod Remodel Seeks $1.9M

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After purchasing the 1962-built 3-BR at 1645 Shenandoah Dr E for $1.425M in 2008, the new owners were a bit confused by the John C. O'Brien design. The previous owners had been huge fans of Canlis and had fashioned a home to recapture the iconic restaurant's look and feel, right down to a massive fireplace that aggressively heated you no matter you went. In came architect Colin Brandt and Dyna Contracting and this mid-century modern was re-assembled to live up to its name. Spaces were opened up, light filled the rooms and the seven-month remodel turned the home into what it is today. These days, it's a three-sided glass firebox that makes things cozy without overwhelming the house. The master suite has a lot more room, the basement looks a whole lot more refined and if the bathrooms remind you of the ones at the W Hotel, you're not crazy, that's on purpose. Asking $1.895M, this 3,499 sq. ft. mid-century modern is one of the few in Broadmoor, and now it actually resembles one.

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