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Gordon Walker-Designed Nicholas Court Condo Asks $550K

One of Northwest architect Gordon Walker's many professional stops was his partnership Walker Architecture. While there, he and his son Colin designed Capitol Hill condo development Nicholas Court. Appreciated for its deft use of space and sensitivity to neighborhood concerns, the complex offers a chance for you to personally appreciate it now that Unit 1 is on the market for $550K (plus $481/mo. HOA dues). The three-level condo offers 2-BRs and 1,262 sq. ft. of space to roam, not to mention lots of great aesthetic touches. There's the way the staircase and bookcase meld together seamlessly, though we hope whoever moves in brings lots of books with them. Otherwise, it's going to feel a bit spartan in there. Depending on your mood, you've got a private bottom-level patio or a relaxing (and surprisingly more social) rooftop patio to choose from.

· 1413 15th Ave, Unit 1 [Windermere]