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Ed Murray Has Extremely Vague Plan B For Bertha Boondoggle

Bertha in gingerbread form. Photo: gblock

The first step of dealing with boondoggles is to admit that you have a problem. And since Seattle has itself a first-class boondoggle in Bertha, Seattleites have been waiting for someone with some semblance of authority to make that admission. Furthermore, they're waiting to hear what, if anything, we're going to do with the mess if Bertha fails in her mission. Finally, Mayor Ed Murray has answered those questions.


"Whether it's a tunnel, or whether it's some other type of tunnel or some other type of arrangement that we come up with for the central waterfront, the important thing is we find a way to make this corridor work." Okay!

So to review, Seattle is either going to end up with...

a) A tunnel
b) Some other type of tunnel
c) Some other type of arrangement

Got it! Thanks, Ed.
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