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Cornerspotted: 14th Avenue E and E Madison Street

Written by Sarah Anne Lloyd

Yesterday, we asked you to guess the location of a newly-channelized intersection, pictured 70 years ago. Commenter Kalakalot was correct in their guess (and even got my Bullitt Center hint!): 14th Ave E, E Pike St, and E Madison St in Capitol Hill

Images: Seattle Municipal Archives, Google Maps Considering the rapid-fire transformations happening on Capitol Hill, it's actually pretty stunning how little has changed since this photograph was taken in 1944. That fascination is slated to be short-lived; to our right, we can see the retail storefronts that, until this past April, shared a 1928 building with Piecora's Pizza. The property's new owner, Equity Residential, anticipates that the six-story, mixed-use building they have planned for that lot will be ready for tenants in 2017. (The American Artificial Limb company, just out-of-frame on the left, appears to be safe... for now.)
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