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Last Week's Biggest Sales: Mike Harrington's Mt. Baker Home Goes for $2.5M

Listed for: $2.5M
Received: $2.5M
Size: 5-BR, 3.25 bath, 5,891 sq. ft.
Location: 3804 S McClellan St, Mt. Baker
The Skinny: Everyone involved in this sale was on the same page. Listed for $2.5M by Valve co-founder Mike Harrington and his wife on November 19, the home went pending three days later. The sale, for exactly what they were asking for, closed on January 15. The 1916 brick Tudor has been gorgeously restored and includes a bunch of good-looking features as well as three fireplaces, a bathtub cove and what appears to be a secret room.

Listed for: $1.28M
Received: $1.1M
Size: 2-BR, 1.75 bath, 1,656 sq. ft.
Location: 100 W Highland Dr, PH 400, Queen Anne
The Skinny: This was the first time this top-floor penthouse unit at The Victoria had been offered on the open market and it did not disappoint. Ultimately selling for $1.1M, that's a bit of a boost from the $715K it was sold for back in 2011.

Listed for: $1.06M
Received: $1.06M
Size: 4-BR, 3.5 bath, 3,310 sq. ft.
Location: 2830 NW 65th St, Ballard
The Skinny: This brand new modern home is another one that got exactly what it asked for. Lots of space and lots of windows, hence, lots of money needed to purchase it. Nice deck space above and below as well.