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Forget Beast Quake, Hold On During Seahawks Dance Quakes

The effect of The 12th Man at CenturyLink Field is so apparent and talked-about at this point, you actually have to have a conversation about whether or not it registered as seismic activity during big Seattle Seahawks games. Steve Malone over at Seismo Blog took all of the data from last weekend's big game to figure out the key moments when seismic activity was at it's greatest. Turns out, it's not when Marshawn Lynch scores a big touchdown or even in the moments following any big's when Seahawks fans are dancing.

"The "Fake Quake" (green) was due to the crowd's reaction to the fake field goal and TD pass and the "OT TD" (gray) was the reaction due to the winning touchdown in overtime. The biggest signal of all was the "Dance Quake" about two minutes after the go-ahead touchdown and 2-pt conversion. At this time the crowd was pumped up and really jumping in unison while waiting on the following kick-off."

The conclusion drawn from all this data and plotting is that true "quake" activity happens when "Seahawk fans do get coordinated and move together with appropriate music on the stadium sound system." So when things get super-loud in The CLink, don't thank Russell Wilson, thank the DJ.
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