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Majorly Pricechopped Cosmopolitan Penthouse Asking $985K

This 2-BR penthouse atop the Cosmopolitan offers a lot within it's 1,684 sq.ft. sun-soaked space. Just not enough to warrant an offer over $1M, apparently. Having just re-entered the market asking $985K, Urban Condo Spaces was quick to point out that the unit was asking $1.325M as recently as May 2014 and as much as $1.499M in 2007. It certainly offers all the amenities and features you'd expect to get in a Downtown Seattle space like this, but considering it last sold for $760K back in 2009, the current asking price sounds a lot more in line with the market. What do you think?

· Penthouse, Once Listed at $1.5M, Now $985,000 [UCS]
· 819 Virginia St #3404 [idxnw]