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Cornerspotter: Neon Diamonds in 1960

Written by Sarah Anne Lloyd

Cornerspotter is the Curbed Seattle feature in which we show you a historical photo taken somewhere in the city and you identify the location. Impress fellow Curbed readers with your knowledge by leaving guesses in the comments or send them to our tipline: We'll post the answer on Friday. And hey: no cheating!

This may be one of those corners that you just now or you don't. All of the visible buildings are still around, including the brick church off to the right — although that wall now features a series of banners. The storefront to the exterior is arguably more nondescript, although its bones are still the same. You can even still buy jewelry there, although likely at a much lower price.

In fact, all the buildings that stood along this busy intersection in 1960 are still standing, although you'd have to do a 180 turn to see any of the era's distinctive neon signs.